quartz black stone golden necklace
quartz black stone golden necklace
quartz white stone golden necklace
woman wearing quartz black stone golden necklace
quartz purple stone golden necklace
quartz turquoise stone golden necklace
quartz violet stone golden necklace
quartz green stone golden necklace

Natural Stone Quartz Pendant

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A most natural stone to add a very stunning and vintage look to any of your outfits. We offer 7 variations of our Natural Stone Quartz Necklaces so you can pick one that best suits your personality and mood.

It features a shaped natural healing stone pendant and another chain for the crescent moon pendant.

It's crafted from high quality alloy with gold plating and a natural bullet shaped stones for the pendant.

Space: Creativity, solidarity, truth, understanding
White: Spirituality, removes energy blockages, assisting during transitions
Black Tourmaline
: Protection, strong spiritual grounding.
Turquoise: Strength, protection, connection to spirit
Artic: Mental clarity and rational thought
Power, protection, healing
Green: Optimism, self confidence, prosperity, friendship

Keep in mind the pendant is made from natural stone, so the item you receive might be slightly different in color than the item in the pictures.

By wearing this necklace you will have the stone on your body at all times, which will allow you to receive the healing qualities of your chosen stone.

Get this unique necklace for yourself or as a gift to someone special in your life.