hanging 7 chakra dream catcher
hand holding 7 chakra dream catcher
7 chakra dream catcher
woman holding 7 chakra dream catcher
hanging from tree 7 chakra dream catcher
measurement with 7 chakra dream catcher
multiple colored 7 chakra dream catcher
multiple colored 7 chakra dream catcher with grid background

7 Chakra Dream Catcher

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7 Chakra Dream Catcher


Dreamcatchers were originally made by Native Indian Americans. They used to be difficult to find for others, but today it is much easier to purchase one. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Seven Chakra Dream Catcher has even more powerful capabilities due to the healing abilities of chakra disks.

Dream catchers are supposed to protect our thoughts and dreams. The dream catcher attracts positive spiritual forces that bring joy and happiness. The legend says that if one believes in the Great spirit and hang the dreamcatcher over his bad, it will catch good ideas to remember and the bad ones will go through a hole and disappear.

Chakras come in different colors and each has a special meaning and used for different situations. For instance, heart chakra helps to improve relationships with others. The root chakra is perfect for people who need more control of their life, and if you are lacking confidence and motivation, then you may choose a sacral chakra.

7 Chakra Dream Catcher is not only going to help you sleep better, but it will also be a beautiful decoration for your room. Chakras in combination with a dream catcher may become a great and meaningful gift for someone you love and care about.